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If you are the first to suggest a landscape we eventually use, you will be eligible for a finder’s fee of $250 USD.


Before you complete this form, please read our study site criteria! If you want to know why we set these criteria, please read this 8-page pdf. Click the image to the left of our criteria for an example of an ideal study site.

If you do not know the answer to a particular question for your corridor, leave it blank.

To suggest several landscapes, return to this page and submit additional forms.

If you are having trouble with the form, e-mail us.

Site suggestion form

If there is more than one corridor in the landscape, please answer the following two questions for the longest corridor in the landscape:

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    Do you have a corridor that we should know about? Click here to find out. If you are the first person to suggest a landscape we eventually use in our study, you will be eligible for an honorarium or finder’s fee of $250 USD.

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